Sunday, January 6, 2008

Heart Beeps and Bump Beds

We got a new bump bed for Sydney and Ethan. What is a bump bed? I believe most people call them bunk beds. We bought it from IKEA, and while we were in the store looking for it Ethan said "Daddy is that one?" pointing to something in the store to which I replied "Nope." "But it looks bumpy!" Ethan is such a funny guy.

So today we got the bump bed all set up and the kids love it! Sydney can climb in and out so easy now since she is on the bottom and the mattress is pretty much on the floor. They are the cutest kids!

As Ethan was laying on his top bunk, he said "Daddy! I can hear my heart beep!" I guess it makes sense since he is a robot-monkey.


Fae said...

I said to Ethan "Don't you mean heart beats?" and he said "No, heart beeps"

demi said...

See he knows whats up. That why when you ask him if he is a robot monkey. He says "Yeah"

eh said...

So is that bump bed made out of a covered wagon? Awesome. So it'll be a quick conversion to pioneer someday. Good planning.

Anne said...

Ethan says such funny things, you should get them all down here or someplace else. He's one of a kind.